Did You Know That Kanye West Is Blackmailing French Authorities To Let Him…


Kanye West is famous for having a huge ego and not taking “no” for an answer. The rapper has been dreaming for a while to tie the knot in France and has even chosen Palace of Versailles as the wedding venue. However, French authorities has turned Kanye’s request down as neither he, nor his fiancee have spent 40 days in the country prior to the wedding. This tiny detail hinders them from getting legally married in the country.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Reportedly, Kanye was furious that French authorities didn’t bend the rules for him so he moved part of the wedding in Italy. But E! Network was even more furious considering that the media is paying all the guests’ expenses plus they have already booked the Versailles. Yet, Kanye and Kim are still going to have a ceremony in Paris, even though it is not legal. The rapper is hoping that French authorities would change their decision in the last minute so he keeps advertising his wedding in the media to put pressure on them.


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