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Kanye West and Tidal – the company he partially owns as Jay-Z’s partner, are getting sued by Kanye’s own fans!

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

The 38 year old rapper should be used to getting into all sorts of trouble when it comes to his reputation. After all, Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian have been labeled as the world’s most hated couple numerous times. However, this time Kanye is in deep waters because his fans have decided to slam him with a lawsuit.


It all started when Kanye stated that he would release a special album, entitled The Life of Pablo, exclusively on Tidal – the music streaming services he owns with Jay-Z. This meant that his fans would be able to listen to the album only if they paid for subscriptions on Tidal. However, as it turned out, those fans weren’t as privileged as they thought they were. Kanye released the album on other streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and other similar companies. His actions angered fans so much that one of them decided to step up and do something more than rant about it in typical Kanye West style.
The fan in question, Justin Baker-Rhett is suing West and Tidal over the fact that they lied about the promised “exclusive” product and schemed their way into squeezing more money from fans through Tidal and the other platforms. Justin’s lawsuit is intended to become much more than a one-person-revolution against the rapper’s actions as the fan is planning on expanding it into a full class action. What this basically means is that other fans can also jointly sue West over his sneaky way of misleading the fans into paying for the subscriptions on Tidal and the album itself. If more fans join Justin’s lawsuit, Kanye West won’t be the only one that takes the fall – Jay-Z could also get into trouble for it, because he also partially owns Tidal.


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