Did You Know That Kanye West Is Going To Sue Chad Hurley, The Co-Founder Of YouTube, For Uploading Footage Of…


All the news channels were buzzing recently with Kanye’s ultimate marriage proposal to Kim Kardashian on her 33rd birthday. The event itself was meticulously planned and executed in the AT&T baseball park in San Francisco. Kanye West personally oversaw all the different aspects of the show dedicated to Kim.

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He began by serenading his soon-to-be wife and mother of his child with the help of a 50 piece orchestra. After singing a couple of Kim’s favorite songs the infamous rapper then popped up the question on the huge scoreboard at the arena. Kim was left completely speechless but happily managed to utter a “yes”.

All went absolutely flawless with one little exception. Obviously an invited guest had secretly filmed the whole spectacle and then leaked the footage. The YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley got his hands on it somehow and decided to boost the interest around his new project MixBit uploading the video of the proposal.


The couple was enraged with the leaking of the video by an invited guest and reportedly said that law suit was imminent. The guest and Hurley had obviously broken a few non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements.



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