Kanye West’s closet is bigger than his wife Kim Kardashian's

Just when you think the most outrageous and scandalous couple of the century – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – can’t get any more insufferable, they strike again!

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According to official reports, the newlyweds sold their under construction home in Bel Air, Los Angeles, and bought a brand new mansion in Hidden Hills worth $20 million. However, the price of the real estate isn’t the most shocking thing about it. The reports state that Kanye immediately took over the biggest closet in the huge mansion – a 15 foot long storage space which now houses all of his clothing. Kim was left with just 12 feet of closet. The rapper and fashion designer and the socialite’s new home is fully equipped with a private bar, a fitness area, a screening room, a spa, and a fountain on one of their terraces.

However, their $20 million crib still doesn’t have a separate nursery for baby North West.

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