Did you know that Kanye West’s studio was robbed out of $20,0….


Somebody broke into Kanye West’s studio in Los Angeles, California, US, and robbed the rapper out of approximately $20,000 worth of equipment.
According to official reports, the studio, which Kanye West owns in Los Angeles, was robbed by an unidentified person (or team of people) and the thieves got away with hardware equipment worth nearly $20,000.

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The reports state that the theft was discovered at the end of May this year. The police ruled out that there’s a huge possibility the robbery was an inside job, because West wasn’t present in Los Angeles when the theft occurred and the building, which houses the studio, doesn’t look the part at all. In other words, it’s believed that somebody close to Kanye and his people knew what the studio held. The robbery relieved the rapper out of $20,000 worth of hardware equipment. Strangely enough, the 38 year old West didn’t seem to be bothered by the robbery. The reports show that a source close to the rapper dished out on how everything Kanye stored in his studio was heavily encrypted. On top of that, Kanye surely keeps full back-up of everything he works on, so any fashion or music related projects, which could have been stored on the stolen hardware, are not only encrypted, but also backed up somewhere else. In other words, the thieves will find it quite difficult to earns something in return for robbing him.
The police are currently leading an investigation into the robbery, but they still haven’t pinpointed any possible suspects just yet. On the other hand, another Keeping Up With The Kardashians figure was robbed recently as well. The model Blac Chyna, who is currently engaged to Rob Kardashian, was robbed a few weeks ago. Somebody took nearly $200,000 in jewelry and cash out of her safe. The police still haven’t found who did it, but they seem to think the robbery in Blac Chyna’s home was also done by insiders.


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