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Did you know that Kate Winslet got drunk in order to shoot…


Kate Winslet, the British actress who made a name for herself after starring in blockbusters such as Titanic, Sense and Sensibility and The Holiday, is considered as snobbish. However, she’s an extremely devoted actress when it comes to her career.


In 1999 Winslet starred in the movie Holy Smoke along with Harvey Keitel. Although Winslet’s career was already boosted up by Titanic, she didn’t let fame get to her and fully devoted herself to her acting. However, apparently she wasn’t confident enough to act drunk for a scene in Holy Smoke, so she took the advice of a fellow actor. The British actress allegedly had three servings of vodka and tonic in order to be drunk enough to portray her drunk character.


Even though Winslet may not be able to act drunk, she still won three Golden Globes and was nominated six times for the Academy Award.


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