Did you know that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx got married in…


Have Katie Holmes and alleged boyfriend Jamie Foxx actually married each other in secret?


Over the course of the past few years tons of dating reports between Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have circled the media. However, neither of these two has ever opened up about their personal lives and they have never been caught in any compromising photographs. But now it seems that they have taken the next step.

The 37 year old Katie has tried her best to keep her personal life under the radar after she ended her heavily talked about marriage with Tom Cruise back in 2012. The 48 year old Jamie, who is a bearer of many prestigious awards, including an Academy Award, two Grammy Awards and a Golden Globe, has also refused to talk about the dating rumors with the media. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop these rumors from spreading for years. And now Foxx and Holmes are making headlines again over the possibility that they might have gotten married in secret.


The 48 year old comedian and singer got photographed at some recent star-studded Hollywood events wearing a golden band on his ring finger. Katie Holmes was also caught on photos sporting a golden wedding band on her ring finger. So, is this a coincidence? It couldn’t be, having in mind the fact that both of them have refused to speak about their personal lives and relationships. And all of a sudden they are wearing wedding rings and not even bothering to hide them?

Even if they really married in secret or not, one thing is for sure – Katie deserves to have a good man in her life after all the drama with Tom Cruise and their daughter Suri, and Jamie apparently seems like a good fit – especially having in mind that he already has two children.


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