Did you know that Katy Perry believes in…


Katy Perry might be queer when it comes to costumes, unusual demands during touring and lots of other things, but one of the strangest aspects of her strange nature is the fact that she believes in aliens.


In a recent interview Katy gave for USWeekly, the singer and song-writer shared some interesting secrets about herself. One of them was that she believes in aliens. Some recent reports state that Katy, who’s raised in a Christian family, doesn’t believe that life ends with Hell or Heaven and that she indeed believes in forces that are located somewhere beyond our planet. Furthermore, Katy told UsWeekly that she has a ticket to outer space. It’s not clear if she’s saving it for an alien date or for her next big photo shoot, but she shared another destination from her bucket list with the magazine. The Roar singer wishes to climb Machu Picchu one day.


Apart from her strange beliefs, Katy also shared with the magazine that she travels with her teddy bear and that she brushes her teeth from 4 to 6 times a day due to her OCD.


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