Did You Know That Katy Perry Is Going To Use Hypnotherapy To….


Apparently, Katy Perry is having trouble moving on after her relationship with John Mayer ended. Rumor has it the star is going to use a rather unorthodox approach trying to forget about her former beau and that is hypnotherapy.


Katy and John were together for two years but broke up after numerous allegations that the musician had been unfaithful. According to a source close to the singer, she was devastated as she believed Mayer was the one for her and the two were going to get married. The same source claims that Katy is having hypnotherapy sessions in order to prevent her ex from coming back into her life and ‘delete’ him for good.

Before dating Mayer Katy was married to Russel Brand who reportedly ended things with her through a text message. This time Katy is determined to not let anyone hurt her anymore and find someone worthy of her feelings. 






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