Did you know that Katy Perry’s Twitter got hacked by…


Katy Perry is making headlines all over the place and for all the wrong reasons – unfortunately, her official Twitter account got hacked at the end of May.

Image Source: DEVIANART
Image Source: DEVIANART

Regardless of how strong your passwords are and how paranoid you are about not sharing them with anyone, you’re never fully protected from hackers on 100%. Even celebrities, who have a team of social media managers and tons of money to spend on security, aren’t safe out there. The latest proof is none other, but Katy Perry herself.

The 31 year old pop star, who has been in the media’s spotlight lately because of her alleged love triangle with Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez, was the unfortunate victim of an unnamed hacker, who managed to hack his or her way into Katy’s Twitter account. The account, which currently has more than 89 million followers, got hacked on the 30th of May. The very first thing, which the hacker did, was to post a tweet that urged Perry’s followers to follow the account @sw4ylol. The unidentified hacker then posted more tweets regarding Katy’s feud with Taylor Swift and more cryptic messages. As soon as the first couple of tweets were posted on the hacked account, Katy’s followers started growing more and more suspicious. Fortunately for the White Horse hit singer, her team managed to overrule the hacker and to acquire her account back in no time. Since then Katy hasn’t tweeted anything.


The main suspect in the hacking was the user @sw4ylol. The unnamed person was apparently based somewhere in Romania, but his or her identity and current whereabouts still remains undisclosed. Twitter has suspended the suspect’s account and there’s no further info on the person, who use to own it, or the hacker responsible for Perry’s overtaken account – if they even are two different people.


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