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Did You Know That Keanu Reeves Turned The Matrix Special Effects Team Into Millionaires By…


Keanu Reeves is one of the truly iconic and certainly most amazing Hollywood actors up to date. The 49-year-old Canadian is extremely versatile when it comes to acting and already has a wide range of popular movies from all genres. Some of his most popular movies include “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and the adrenalin packed “Speed”,“Point Break” and the Matrix Trilogy.

Reeves is not only famous and successful but apparently rather kind-hearted as well. The actor is known for his numerous donations to a variety of charities. At one point he even gave away his entire profit from the Matrix Trilogy to the costume designers and special effects crew. Reeves believed it was their hard work and efforts that made the Matrix franchise so successful and he wanted to reward them. It was estimated that each individual working behind the scenes received $2.7 million.

Keanu reportedly stated that he is not after money and doing films it’s the last thing he thinks about. He added that he could live for a couple of centuries with what he had already made.


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