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Kim Kardashian finally shared the very first picture of baby Saint West!

Image Source: / Wikipedia
Image Source:
/ Wikipedia

Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian could have opted to sell the very first picture of their newborn second child, son Saint West, to some glamorous magazine for several million, especially after Kanye ranted about how he has a $53 million debt, but instead, Kim shared the photo on the web for everyone to see free of charge.

The 35 year old finally revealed what her second baby and first son looks like 3 months after he was welcomed into her family on the 5th of December 2015. The picture shows the baby happily sleeping on his back with both of his arms outstretched upwards. Up until now the only shots of baby Saint that had surfaced the Internet were several selfies of Kim, in which only parts of the baby boy were visible. And now Kim shared the picture in question on her personal website,, as a way of paying tribute to her late father – the defense attorney Robert Kardashian, who died back in 2003 at the age of 59.


Kim uploaded the photo of her sleeping son as a tribute to her dad on the 22nd of February, which would have been Robert’s 72nd birthday. The 35 year old socialite and reality TV star stated that since her father couldn’t see one of the greatest joys on this world – his grandchildren – she chose to allow the rest of the world to see Saint West for the first time. Kim also stated that her late parent is like her guarding angel and that she misses him terribly.

It was an absolutely touching tribute to Robert Kardashian, especially having in mind that Kim and Kanye usually make the headlines for all the wrong reasons.


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