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Did you know that Kim Kardashian got attacked while taking a selfie…


Kim Kardashian, former socialite and present Mrs. Kanye West, recently learned that unlike people, some animals just want to have fun while “attacking” a person.


Kim and her family were in Thailand when the unfortunate event took place. The 33 year old Kardashian was about to take a selfie with a cute baby elephant when things went wrong. The cute, but big baby elephant, probably wanted to play, so it sucked and blew air with its trunk in the immediate vicinity of Kim’s perfectly styled shiny locks of hair. Unfortunately for the elephant, Kim wasn’t feeling playful at all and mistook the animal’s piece of banter as an attack, so she ran away screaming. And as if the poor Kim didn’t have enough troubles that day, the elephant story and the incriminating set of pictures went viral. Even Kris Jenner joked about it on Twitter!


Just when you’d think Kim Kardashian would disappear from the headlines…


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