Did you know that Kim Kardashian has her own…


Having a reality show, a clothing line, a high social status all over the world and a lavish wedding with Kanye West is apparently effortless for Kim Kardashian, one of the most notorious socialites of this day and age.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia



In order to give something new to the world (or just to make headlines again) the newly wed Mrs. Kim Kardashian-West just uploaded a teaser trailer for her new video game on her Instagram. The game is all about personalizing your own socialite, dressing her up, taking her for photo shoots or preparing her for the A-list clubs and the red carpet. Called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood; the game is set to hit the Google Play Store and the App Store next week. The game’s goals are to look like a million bucks, fall in love with the perfect guy and follow Kim’s advice during the photo shoots.  


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