Did you know that Kim Kardashian is being sued over a…


The self-proclaimed queen of selfies, Kim Kardashian, is being sued over a car crash that occurred back in 2014.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

Nearly 2 years ago the socialite got involved in a car accident and nowadays one of the drivers is suing her.

Rafael Linares, the driver in question, allegedly received such nasty injuries from the road accident that he decided he needs to sue Kim. According to his lawsuit, the guy had to undergo several surgeries after he received multiple injuries after the accident, which occurred on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, US. He described the collision as an accident that affected a total of 9 cars and the drivers and passengers in the vehicles. However, earlier reports of the crash in question actually state that Kim’s own SUV didn’t receive more than a bunch of scratches.


Regardless, Rafael is suing the 36 year old Keeping up with the Kardashians reality TV star and claiming that she’s the one to blame for the accident and for his pain and suffering. The man also claims that she needs to pay him in full for the surgeries. On the other hand, the earlier reports show that Kim and Rafael didn’t actually experience anything of the sort. In fact, they reportedly exchanged each other’s coordinates and hugged the entire thing out without filing any complaints or even having to deal with tickets! On top of it all, the accident was so mild that no ambulances were called out to deal with any injuries on the spot! Nevertheless, Rafael is still suing Kim. And while this may seem like a desperate call for attention and a way to squeeze out some money from one of the most talked about and rich celebrities in the US, it seems like the guy’s lawsuit is shallow and based on false claims, so it won’t do him any good.


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