Did you know that Kim Kardashian is so tired of parenting that she’s hiding from…


Kim Kardashian admitted that she’s so tired of parenting that she’s even hiding from her 2 year old daughter North in the closet!

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

The 35 year old socialite might be the queen of selfies, but she’s definitely not the queen of parenting skills!

Kanye West’s wife told her followers on the social media that she’s getting really tired of taking care after her their 2 year old daughter North and their newborn son Saint. Kim stated that whenever she’s not parenting her son, her daughter is seeking all of her attention and is constantly crying for her mother. And even though that’s exactly what toddlers are supposed to do, Kim is getting really tired of it. The 35 year old Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV star shared that she’s even hiding from North in the closet! Can you imagine Kim doing that?


She also stated that Kanye has been a great help when it comes to parenting their two youngsters and that the rest of her family has also helped, but she can’t take it anymore. Kim stated that before baby Saint was born people told the couple that having two kids would be a tough business, but they didn’t believe any of it back then. Well, apparently, Kim is experiencing the true meaning of these words right now. If her daughter is anything like her we can only imagine how demanding baby North really is. Truth be told, if she’s so high maintenance as it seems, we’d be hiding in the closet just like Kim is. But then again, she also has to cope up with her Kanye West and his constantly on-going rants on every possible subject, so there are more than one reasons why Kim should be getting tired of everything.


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