Did You Know That Kim Kardashian's Stalker Has Been Taken Into Custody After….


Being a celebrity may be glamorous – limousines, crowds of fans, private jets, etc. – but apparently it has its downsides. Kim Kardashian, the famous fiancee of rapper Kanye West recently had a rather unpleasant incident taking place at her mother’s home where she is currently residing.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

The couple is staying at Kris Jenner’s residence because their own home is still being built. However, Mrs. Jenner’s home might not be the safest option as an intruder was recently caught onto her property in Hidden Hills, Los Angeles. Luckily, the suspect only made into the garden and didn’t manage to get into the house. First the man, who had driven from Arizona as the police later found out, claimed that he was Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend. He also stated that he had been invited to visit his alleged ‘girlfriend’ in her mother’s home. The man later claimed that he was Justin Bieber’s stepbrother. The intruder has been taken into psychiatric care.




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