Did you know that Kristen Stewart got a wolf for…


Who wants to have a vampire for a boyfriend when you can have an wolf for a best friend? Now, that’s not the plot for a Twilight-spinoff starring Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan. It’s Stewart’s life for real.


After keeping her dog Bailey, whom she bought with her ex-boyfriend – the famous wizard-turned-vampire Robert Pattinson – Kristen was more than elated to have another pet. On her 24th birthday earlier this April the Twilight star received a surprise gift from her mother – a real life wolf. The predator was brought to Stewart’s Malibu estate and it wasn’t long before the actress started sharing her food with it. According to an insider, Kristen fell in love with the wolf and is perfectly comfortable with the idea of keeping it as a domesticated pet. Her days with Jacob might be over, but that doesn’t mean she won’t have a real life wolf as a new best friend.


However, if it’s up to her neighbors, she might lose the dangerous animal soon. According to official reports, they aren’t happy with the fact that they have to live with a lethal animal in the neighborhood.


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