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Did you know that Kristen Stewart shared her "embarrassing"….

Following the example of most Disney stars, actress Kristen Stewart has decided to pursue another trade, although she didn’t choose singing like Selena Gomez and company.

The 23 year old Californian actress made a name for herself after playing the role of Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga movies. And while the Twilight craze gave a huge boost to her acting career, many film critics and even Twilight fans publicly expressed their distaste towards Stewart’s acting skills. It was probably the infamous statement that she doesn’t use any emotion when it comes to acting that drove her into pouring her emotions on paper. Steward shared one of her poems with the whole world and publicly stated that it was embarrassing. Many people thought her poem was the worst poem ever, since one of the very few coherent lines in it states that Stewart is “drunk on your morsels”.


Stewart claimed she has been writing poems for the past several years and that this particular one was written when she was still in a relationship with another Twilight actor – Robert Pattinson.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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