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Did you know that Kurt Cobain almost banned Dave Grohl from playing thei…


Nirvana’s “Unplugged” concert is one of the greatest moments in the band’s history. It was recorded in November 18, 1993 in New York and about three weeks later the gig was aired on MTV. Years later the famous music television reveals an unknown fact: Kurt Cobain almost banned drummer Dave Grohl from performing at the legendary concert.


The reason for this was that Cobain didn’t like the way Dave sounded during the rehearsals. Grohl played the drums with sticks, which didn’t allow him to achieve the sound necessary for an acoustic concert. The problem was resolved by buying new sizzle sticks and wire brushes for Dave and giving them to him as a Christmas present. Happily, he received these gifts and used them for the “Unplugged” show.


The information about the conflict was provided by unreleased behind-the-scenes videos showed by MTV as part of the celebrations dedicated to the 20-year anniversary of the concert. The music channel also presented testimonials from people who worked to make the gig happen.


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