Did You Know That Lady Gaga Was Sued By Her Personal Assistant For ….


An outside court settlement between Jennifer O’Neill who is Lady Gaga’s former personal assistant and the pop queen herself was reached dismissing the case before both were scheduled to face each other during trial.


O’Neill, who was also Lady Gaga’s roommate in Manhattan back in 2008, sued the pop star for unpaid overtime wages for nearly 15 months of employment.

According to unnamed source, O’Neill had to serve Gaga’s 24/7 and claimed she was also responsible at one point for nearly 20 heavy suitcases during the pop queens tours. Having to carry the pop stars extravagant outfits and dealing with peculiar assignments such as changing DVDs in the middle of the night or waiting her with a fresh towel after shower, O’Neill stated that Lady Gaga owned her a wage for exactly 7,168h of overtime work.

Eventually both of them settled and the lawsuit was dismissed. Details about the settlement agreement are yet unknown.





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