Did you know that Leonardo DiCaprio's niece is…


Leonardo DiCaprio has fought fiercely to keep his private life private. However, the media has been made aware of a new drama facing the DiCaprio family.


According to recent reports, the niece of the Shutter Island star is currently missing. The 6 year old girl, named Normadie Farrar, is officially considered as a missing person, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Normadie’s father Adam is DiCaprio’s stepbrother and the two have been very close ever since they were children. However, while Leonardo is scoring multiple roles in Hollywood, Adam is in trouble with the police. Official reports state that the 43 year old man was arrested on multiple charges, one of which was linked to drug abuse. Charity Moore, his girlfriend and Normadie’s mother, is also currently in jail.


Some reports state that Farrar is accused of hiding his daughter from the authorities, since officials have been trying to get custody of the girl after labelling her parents unfit to care for a child. One thing is for sure – the girl still remains missing.


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