Did you know that Lil Wayne accidentally shot himself when he was….


Lil Wayne, also known as Shrimp Daddy, is known for his rap and R&B hit songs. In 2008 he won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album of the year. Nowadays he’s considered as a music genius, but as a kid he was far from smart.


In the distant 1994, when the rapper was only a 12 year old boy, he played with fire. And burned himself pretty badly. One day in November that same year he came home from school and found a handgun in the bedroom – a blue-steel Taurus 9 mm gun. The weapon had been left there the previous day by an unnamed man. The young Lil Wayne thought the gun was so fascinating that he started playing around with it. It wasn’t long before the kid accidentally shot himself right in the stomach area. Somehow the bullet missed all vital organs, but the kid was losing too much blood. After he called 911, an off-duty police officer Robert Hoobler drove the boy to the hospital.


Years later, the rapper located Hoobler and thanked him for saving his life.


Written by Patrick Bennet

I have been working as a teacher my whole life. I love reading books.

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