Did you know that Lil Wayne’s Miami home got raided by…


Lil Wayne’s pricey Miami beach home got raided by… the police!

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

It’s hard to picture Lil Wayne as a positive role model for youngsters when the rapper hits the headlines often for the wrong reasons. Take his latest legal troubles, for example.

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. (which is the rapper’s actual birth name), was in deep water after he wasn’t able to pay $2 million in debt, so the police had to raid his home. The 33 year old New Orleans-born rapper had to pay $1.8 million to a company named Singapore Group, which deals with leasing private jets. Wayne showed neglect towards their property and when he didn’t pay for the utilities, the company decided to sue him. The total debt rounds up to $2 million after you add up the $200,000 he owes in court fees. In order to retrieve the money the government decided to issue a warrant, which enabled the police to seize Wayne’s property. As a result, the police raided his beachside home in Miami, Florida, US, on the 3rd of this November.


According to official reports, the 33 year old Wayne was not present at his home when the police arrived at the scene. Just a day before his property was raided the rapper publicly announced the release date of his newest mixtape. It’s entitled No Ceilings 2 and it’s expected to come out for Thanksgiving. So far 2015 hasn’t been a really good year for Lil Wayne, who has had not only legal, but also personal troubles. He and his ex-girlfriend Christina Milian split up after dating for an entire year, he had nasty fights with his record label, he was linked to a supposed murder conspiracy alongside Young Thug and Birdman, he got sued, and now his house was raided by the police.


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