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If you’re one of those people, who love to spoil their pets, you’ve probably given your beloved cat or dog human food tons of times. But you should be extremely careful about feeding your pets with human food, especially if you’re thinking about feeding them with fruits or juices.

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Fruits are great source of many vitamins, liquids, sugar and fibers. However, what’s good for you isn’t always good for your pup or kitty. Some citruses such as orange, lemon and lime can boost up your metabolism and do wonders for your health. Unfortunately, they are toxic to animals. When it comes to dogs, cats, horses and other pets, such fruits are absolutely poisonous to your domesticated pets. Your kittens and puppies get enough vitamins and nutrition from their specialized animal food and there are also many brands of doggy and kitty treats, so it’s better to give them as less human food as possible.


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