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Lindsay Lohan opened up about her rumored relationship with a super-rich Russian business heir and made a shocking revelation while claiming that she had once turned down Harry Styles.

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The 29 year old actress, who has been in the spotlight ever since she was an 11 year old redhead portraying the roles of two identical twins on The Parent Trap, claims that a while back she turned down an unexpected nightly visit by One Direction’s Brit heartthrob Harry Styles. According to Lindsay’s story, Harry knocked on her hotel door and stated that the rest of his band members had sent him up. Lindsay, who has about to take a nap, was in her robe and wasn’t feeling frisky at all, so after a polite short conversation, she turned the unstated invitation down and told him off. The actress claims that she didn’t even recognize Styles at first and just after she spoke about the strange encounter with her sister, she understood who had knocked on her door. Lindsay stated that she saw Styles shortly after that at some event in L. A. and that it was pretty awkward for both of them.


Strangely enough, this tale seems a little bit illegitimate, especially having in mind the fact that Lindsay’s past isn’t exactly putting her in the position of a desired role model. On the other hand, the 29 year old actress confirmed the rumors that she’s been dating a Russian business heir. The guy’s name is Egor Tarabasov. Tarabasov is reportedly a super-rich 22 year old heir, who has been romantically involved with the Mean Girls actress for the past 7 months. According to some theories, Lindsay has been hiding her romance with her new boyfriend in London where the paparazzi were least expecting to stumble upon her.


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