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Did You Know That Lovers' Heatbeats Synchronize When They ….


Couples in a committed relationship often demonstrate their strong affection to each other by holding hands, kissing in public, making fun of the same things or even completing each other’s sentences.


Now there is a groundbreaking new research which proves the fact couples who are deeply in love can synchronize their heartbeats and even match their breathing cycles by just sitting close and gazing at each other’s eyes for a while. The same effect has not been observed in strangers.

The scientific team carried through a series of experiments on 32 couples. Their heart rates and respiration were closely monitored by machines. The researchers’ discovery came after they’ve witnessed how the beats and breathing of the couples in love matched after just sitting next to each other in close proximity for a while without even talking. When they got mixed up with strangers no such synchronizing effect occurred.


Another interesting result of the experiment was that women tend to adjust more to their partners. Probably it has something to do with women’s stronger empathy.

In conclusion, scientists are not yet sure why couples in love mimic each other. Further research on this topic is underway.


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