Did You Know That Malaysia Airlines Flight Disappearance Might Have Been Deliberate And Suspicions Falls On….


The disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight nearly 10 days ago has turned into one of the most complicated mysteries over the last few years. Reportedly, the plane didn’t explode, nor crash, therefore the most possible scenario features the aircraft being hijacked. As the Malaysian government already concluded, the plane must have been flown off its course by a skillful aviator who deliberately changed its route.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

According to official findings the aircraft communication systems were switched off on purpose and only an experienced pilot could have diverted the aircraft off its course so easily to make it disappear from tracking. The homes of both pilots were raided and searched by the authorities but nothing suspicious that could be linked to the accident or other illegal activity was found. A rather stunning but yet believed by many theory is that the plane did land somewhere considering that to this day no wreckage have been discovered. The families of the passengers are still hoping that their loved ones are safe and sound somewhere and would soon be found.




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