Did You Know That Malaysian Airline Flight Came Down In The Southern Indian Ocean And There Are No…..


Recently, two new unidentified objects have been spotted somewhere in the Southern parts of the Indian Ocean and experts have assumed that they might be debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft. Tragically, the news wasn’t good as the relatives of all the 239 passengers on board have been informed that most likely the plane has ended on the bottom of the Indian Ocean and there are no survivors. The Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak made the heartbreaking announcement based on the analysis of the British Air Accidents Investigation Branch thus sending into despair numerous people.



The case of the missing aircraft turned into one of the biggest mysteries of the century after it took more than two weeks to find it since it disappeared on March 9. Families members of the passengers would be taken to Australia which is the closest territory to where the debris of the plane were found. Authorities hope that the entire aircraft would soon be taken out of the ocean.


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