Did You Know That Male Fruit Flies Get Drunk When…


Just like humans tend to treat their emotional wounds with alcohol fruit flies tend to do the same.


In a recent study a team of researchers from the University of California proved that male fruit flies are actually attracted to alcohol after they’ve been rejected by female fruit flies. During the study a group of male flies was divided in two: half of them were allowed to mate with virgin females while the other half was rejected by female flies which had already mated. Four days later the male flies were put in glass tubes and fed with two different kinds of diet. One consisted of sugar and yeast while the other consisted of spiked with 15% alcohol sugar and yeast.
Shockingly, the males rejected earlier preferred the alcohol spiked food. The explanation behind their behavior is simple: because of the rejection, a chemical in their brain, known as neuropeptide F, decreased in percentage. Thus, their frustration urged them to drink just like humans tend to do in similar situations.


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