Did you know that Manchester United banned a fan for carrying an unopened…


Earlier this April a loyal United fan received an official letter from Manchester United club that banned him from football matches until further notice.


Jamie Bazley was on his way to cheer for his favorite team at an away match in Newcastle, UK, when he was arrested by the police just outside St James’ Park. The officials found a can of unopened Stella Artois in Jamie’s backpack. The man tried to explain he had forgotten about the beer, which had been lying around in his baggage throughout his whole trip. Nevertheless, the police arrested him and reported his actions to the team. Shortly after his unpleasant quarrel with the law Jamie received a letter signed by the ticket operations manager Sam Kelleher. The letter stated that by carrying the can of beer Jamie had jeopardized the ticket allocations for any future Manchester matches. Thus, he got an “indefinite” ban for the upcoming European away matches.


Jamie shared his frustration on Twitter. Fortunately, his favorite team agreed to renew his season ticket regardless of the ban.


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