Did you know that Mandy Sellars' legs and feet are three times larger than the average person's feet. She suffers from…


Mandy Sellars was born in 1975. Doctors immediately knew there was something wrong with the newborn – Mandy’s feet and legs were abnormally misshapen and large. They weren’t convinced the baby would survive for long.


Nowadays Mandy describes herself as a part-time TV star thanks to her numerous appearances on TV. Her legs and feet have been growing at a disproportionate rate for her entire life and in 2009 it was estimated her feet alone weighted around 95kg. They are 3 times bigger than the feet of an average person. In 2006 Mandy was diagnosed with Proteus Syndrome, however there are no other known cases with such a rare form of the disease.


That doesn’t mean Mandy doesn’t enjoy her life. She has a specially modified car, controlled by hand. She has been living on her own without any live-in helpers ever since she turned 19. Furthermore, Mandy graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a B.Sc. in Psychology.



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