Did you know that Marvel Comics created a super hero just for a 4 year old boy who was…


Superheroes are characterized by different super powers and abilities – some of them are extraordinary strong, others are fast, while some can fly or see through walls. However, one of them, Blue Ear, wears a hearing device that allows him to hear the world around him.


The story about the creation of Blue Ear is an interesting one. A little boy named Anthony Smith had to wear hearing aids, but was uncomfortable with and ashamed of them. Despite his parents’ best efforts, the 4-year-old boy refused to wear the devices and told his mother that “superheroes don’t wear hearing aids”.


The boy’s mother, Christina, wrote an email to Marvel, describing her story and expressing her hopes that they could create a superhero wearing hearing aids for her little son to see. The moving letter touched the hearts of the Marvel team and they created Blue Ear – a superhero that wears hearing aids. The character proved to be a success and Anthony now happily uses his own hearing aids.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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