Did You Know That Matt Damon And Mark Wahlberg Look So Alike That They Came To The Agreement…


Despite being one of the most famous and easily recognizable faces in Hollywood, Matt Damon admits that he is mistaken from to time to time for his buddy star actor Mark Wahlberg. There is an obvious resemblance in the two men’s physical appearance but the fact that both actors are from the Boston area, 42 years old and usually star in action movies hasn’t helped clear up fans’ confusion.


Matt Damon who is featured in “The Bourne Trilogy” and his most recent dystopian movie “Elysium” revealed that fans often confuse him wit the “2 guns” fellow star actor Mark Wahlberg due to their significant likeness.


In a recent interview Matt shared that he and Mark came to an agreement. Whenever a fan makes a mistake and comes up to one of them with the wrong impression they need to be as polite as possible and never correct the confused person. Matt said that he even forged Mark’s signature at one point while signing autographs for fans.

Earlier this year Mark failed to correct a confused fan who mistook him for Matt. But the star actor was super cool about the whole situation and acted with firm politeness.


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