Did you know that McDonald's are being sued over hot….


People never seem to learn that the coffee served in any restaurant or café is supposed to be hot. It can be found under the heading of “hot beverages” on the menu and people are expected to wait for it to cool down. But apparently McDonald’s clients like burning themselves.


Joan Fino, a 74 year old woman from California, is currently suing McDonald’s for $2 million. According to the lawsuit she has filed, she ordered a McCafe from a drive-thru McDonald’s. Fino states that the lid of the coffee cup hadn’t been closed and had slipped from the cup, which resulted in the beverage spilling. The lawsuit claims that Fino still has bad burns from the hot coffee, even though the accident occurred in November 2013. According to her own words, she can’t even sleep at night because the unpleasant sensation of the burning doesn’t let her rest.


Fino claims that McDonald’s is overheating the coffee on purpose, so that it would be preserved and stay fresh even as time passes.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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