Did You Know That McDonald's Calorie Counters Do Not Cause Consumers To Make…


According to an independent study, the calorie counters placed next to each item in McDonald’s menus haven’t stimulated consumers to make healthier food choices. Several American states have required fast food restaurants to provide such calorie counters in order to support healthy eating and to encourage Americans to consume less fast food.



The study was conducted at two McDonald’s restaurants in New York. The number of the participants was 1,904 and they all were 18 or older. One third of them received a brochure explaining that the healthy daily intake of calories was 2,000 for women and 2,400 for men. The second group was given flyers informing them that a single meal should have between 650 and 800 calories and the third group of people didn’t receive any information.


The results from the study showed that the customers didn’t take into account the information they were given and didn’t make healthier food choices. In fact, it turned out that women ordered 27% more than the advised amount while men ordered only 11% more.



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