Did You Know That McDonald's In China Has A 30 Minutes…


If you happen to find yourself somewhere in China and long for a tasty BigMac  you can rest assured, because there is now a way to satisfy your craving without even moving a muscle.

Since 2008 McDonald’s has entered a new frontier in terms of sales and customer satisfaction channels, effectively utilizing the emerging market in China.

For example, in Shanghai the mega brand has build an epic motorcycle fleet with around 300 delivery riders operating in 42 restaurants. They are able to fully service half of the city’s 14 million population.

According to the fast food corporation home deliveries have proven to be a really successful strategy to reach it’s customers and sales targets in the ever so expanding market in China.


Ordering from McDonald’s has never been easier and more user friendly in the history of the franchise. Now you can just order your favorite burgers with fries by just following the easy and well-known steps : pick up the phone, call the number, tell them your address and your order and wait up to 30-45 minutes for the delivery of your warm food. If you are a McDonald’s fan this might be another reason to consider visiting China.



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