Did You Know That McDonald's Serves 75 Hamburgers Every Second According To…


Before, during and after the world financial and economic crisis the McDonald’s franchise business has been absolutely outstanding. The fast food restaurants all over the world are becoming day after day an unstoppable global force that feeds the hungry.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

It appears that most people absolutely adore eating Big Macs as well as the other food items that could be found on McDonald’s menu. In fact McDonald’s serves more than 68 million customers which is approximately 1% of Earth’s population in around 120 countries on a daily basis. Another part of the impressive statistics of the global restaurant chain which could be found in their Operations and Training manual is that a McDonald’s serves 75 burgers every second. Only the American market consumes over a billion pounds of beef meat at McDonald’s annually. That’s more than 5.5 million heads of cattle which ultimately make millions of burgers served each second.


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