Did You Know That McDonald’s Took Down A Website That Advised Employees To….


The McDonald’s fast food giant once had a valuable piece of advice for its own hardworking employees : if you really want to stay healthy and be fit avoid fast food at all costs!

At least this was the main message posted on the McDonald’s resources website intended for boosting employees morale, loyalty and health, of course. The giant fast food corporation ordered the third party vendor who was responsible for the particular webpage to take it down after many misinterpreted the advices and put them out of context.


One of the advices, for example, stated that “fast foods are normally very high in calories and fat and may easily put you at risk of becoming obese”.


However, this was just another case when the McResource Line received negative public attention. Earlier this year the company was under great scrutiny for its personal guide in budgeting aimed at the employees. It was considered completely “out of touch” with the realistic employees’ needs as the latter don’t even make $15 an hour in most US cities.


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