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Did you know that Megan Fox auditioned for her role in Transformers by …


Megan Fox is without a doubt one of the top 5 most attractive women on the planet. However, her rivals for the crown, such as Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis and Kate Beckinsale, probably didn’t have to do provocative auditions in order to land a role in a blockbuster movie.


According to several reports, Fox had to act as provocative as she is attractive in order to land the role of Mikaela Banes in 2007’s Transformers. As part of her audition, the acclaimed actress washed director Michael Bay’s Ferrari. According to reports Bay even filmed the whole audition. And while it’s not quite clear if Megan Fox performed a bikini car wash, it’s certainly true that neither Fox nor Bay know where the footage lies right now. Jason Solomons, a UK broadcaster, asked both Bay and Fox about the experience and while the director told him he didn’t knew the footage’s exact location, Fox expressed her concern about where actually it might end up.


Who would have thought Megan Fox could be embarrassed by something?


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