Did you know that Mel Gibson attacked and spat in the face of a female…


Mel Gibson allegedly attacked a female paparazzo and spat in her face.
Earlier this August Mel Gibson started making headlines after a female photographer accused him of attacking her verbally and physically before spitting in her face.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Kristi Miller, the paparazzo in question, got in touch with the media and stated that the 59 year old actor had abused her while she was trying to get photos of him and his 24 year old girlfriend, Rosalind Ross. Gibson got so mad at the paparazzo that he shoved her using his elbows, started swearing at her and eventually spat in her face. Miller claims that Gibson called her a variety of unflattering names and even said that she was less than a human being. The shocked Miller, who is working as a photographer for the Daily Mail, immediately took her story to the media and the news spread like fire over the web.
Gibson’s team is denying the whole story. One of his representatives got in touch with ET and spoke out about the alleged incident. He stated that Gibson and a friend of his were bothered by the paparazzo and after the actor felt “harassed” by Miller, he asked her to stop taking pictures several times, but Miller allegedly kept on going. The actor’s representative stated that there was absolutely no physical contact between Gibson, his friend and the paparazzo, let alone shoving and spitting. The representative called Miller’s story “a complete fabrication of the truth”.

The 59 year old Gibson has had troubles with the law before. Back in 2010 he was accused of domestic violence by his ex-partner Oksana Grigorieva, and he also got arrested for DUI in the not so distant 2006. On the other hand, some of his previous co-stars, like actor Tom Hardy, have spoken very fond of Gibson’s actions and attitude.


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