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Did You Know That Mice That Were Exposed To Heavy Metal Became…


David Merrill decided to do a study on mice behavior after they’ve been exposed to heavy metal.

The project was supposed to test mice’s ability to learn new things and solve a maze. He chose the heavy metal band Anthrax and exposed the animals to their music 24/7. The project was intended to last for 3 weeks, but it could not be finished. The mice showed severe aggression and killed each other long before the experiment’s deadline.
Merrill decided to do another study, only this time lowering the hours to 10 a day. During this experiment, the mice didn’t show homicidal signs, but they also didn’t show any progress in learning. Neither  did they complete Merrill’s maze any faster. More so, they even got worse at solving the task after they were exposed to the heavy metal.
Looks like Merrill’s study did show some shocking results after all: mice don’t like heavy metal music.


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