Did You Know That Michael Jackson Is The Top Earning Dead ….


Michael Jackson who has been recognized across the entire globe as the world’s most successful and popular entertainer has topped yet another record. Even after his tragic death the memory about the celebrity still lives on and continues to cash in big bucks from all the different businesses he was involved in throughout his lifetime.


MJ has topped the list of the biggest celebrity earners with the staggering $160 million in profits for 2013. It has been estimated that the bigger part of his earnings come from the touring Cirque du Soleil show which has been grossed at $300 million in earnings for just 1 year. The show is consisted of the regular acrobatics and artistic representations plus something even more spectacular which is a hologram version of the King of Pop performing “Man In the Mirror”.

The King of Pop also continues to earn from his music and his 50% of the Sony/ATV catalog featuring global hits from Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and the eternal Beatles.


Second in the list is none other than The King Of Rock’N’Roll Elvis Presley with the net profit of $55 million.


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