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Did you know that Michael Jackson wanted to build a 50 foot robot of himself to…


Back in 2005 Michael Jackson, the late King of Pop, was about to make a huge comeback in Las Vegas. He had agreed to have a 50 feet tall Michael Jackson robot made that would have wandered around the Nevada desert as a huge walking advertisement.


Jackson met with André van Pier and his team of designers and artists. They came up with the idea of the huge robot for Jackson’s Las Vegas tour. The robot would have been dressed with color changing clothes made of solar-powered fabric. However, things didn’t go according to plan. Jackson’s child-molestation charges and the ensuing scandal made it impossible for the team to raise enough funds for the project, so they decided to settle on something else. They wanted to build a Jackson hotel with an android on the entrance. The android would have shot laser-beam lights.


Unfortunately, this project was also a failure. Up until now there’s no official word if the Michael Jackson themed hotel, casino or robot will be built in the upcoming future.


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