Did you know that Michael Jackson’s daughter admitted she’s an…


Michael Jackson’s own daughter, Paris, admitted that she’s been attending AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings, even though she’s only 17 years old!

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

The teenage daughter of the late Michael Jackson shocked the entire world as she revealed that she’s an AA. Paris Jackson, who, of course, is big on social media, made a striking revelation on Instagram when she decided to go on a long rant filled with explicit words about her life, the haters, her father, and tons of other things. The teenager stated that she’ll stop replying to everybody, who wishes to tarnish her. She also said that her late father was “ripped to shreds” by the expectations people had about him and that he couldn’t cope with the stress. Jackson died back in 2009 due to overdosing and Paris admitted that she was following in his footsteps. Michael’s 17 year old daughter stated that the stress of social media, haters and people’s expectations have taken its toll on her. She stated that she has AA meetings to go and focusing on her life and getting better was more important than replying to haters, who don’t even know her.


The teenager’s rant also revealed that she’s done with taking things such as nasty comments this serious and that she was the only one that took time to even reply to people on Instagram, who she doesn’t actually know. The 17 year old Paris also stated that she won’t let people do the stuff they did to her father to her as well. If she’s really going to AA meeting that means she has taken a grip on her life and she’s willing to seek help for her problems with alcoholism. We can only hope that she won’t end up in the same drug and alcohol-related situation as Michael Jackson did.


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