Did you know that Michael Jackson’s kids get $8 million a year for…


Have you ever wished your parents would give you an annual allowance of at least a million dollars? You might have better luck getting those 7 numbers if your mom was Deborah “Debbie” Rowe, Michael Jackson’s last spouse.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia


According to official reports, Jackson’s three children are receiving millions in allowance money each year. The reports state that their allowance has jumped from a lucrative $5 million to $8 million in USD. And the three kids certainly know how to spend. 12 year old Blanket takes his cousins out to expensive restaurants and cinemas and has karate lessons for $200 an hour. 16 year old Paris presents her friends with costly athletic gear and fancy shoes. 17 year old Prince is known for his $40,000 pick-up truck and the $50,000 he spent on custom made jewelry for 3 of his girlfriends. He’s also trying to buy Michael’s Neverland Ranch, for which the current holders are asking $35 million.


Apart from the above mentioned these three also go on vacations three times a year, which costs them nearly $350,000.  


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