Did you know that Microsoft has made the decision to put an end to Internet Explorer because…


Rest In Peace Internet Explorer. Most of us have left the Internet Explorer world a long long time ago and began a loving relationship with the ever so lovely Google Chrome. Microsoft has officially announced that they are killing off their iconic browser. This brings back some great memories.

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Once upon a time Internet Explorer was probably the only way most everyone got their way around the wonderful World Wide Web. But, we can kiss those days goodbye because, they are now long gone.
Internet Explorers faults have been chronicled in a few hilarious memes. Internet users changed their desktop background image to make a little fun of the browser and that every so popular globe icon that will forever be burned into the back of our minds.
We probably wont miss Internet Explorer very much but, we will most definitely miss all of the hilarious memes.
Here are a few of my favorite ones…

Elsa wasn’t sure if she froze the Internet or if it was just Internet Explorers fault

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I didn’t think that this was ever possible to do but, Internet Explorer has made grumpy cat, even more grumpy.

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JD and Turk from Scrubs are totally grossed out with the way Internet Explorer functions

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Microsoft has made the decision to put an end to Internet Explorer because users have been slamming it saying how slow and bug-prone it is. Windows 10 is in the works so we’ll see what type of browser they have in store for us then. The codename for the new browser is Project Spartan. Windows 10 is set to launch later on this year.


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