Did You Know That Miley Cyrus Admitted She Is Dressing So Provocatively Only Because…


The 20-year-old singer is officially “the most talked about person on the planet” these days, especially after she shocked the audience at yet another MTV Awards. Miley walked out on stage wearing a barely-there outfit and then lit up and smoked what seemed to be a suspiciously looking cigarette. MTV later decided to cut the smoking part as the scene was not appropriate for young viewers. What is more, the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer danced in a rather raunchy manner with one of her backup dancers, a little person, twerking against her and touching her intimately.


During an interview at the London Capital FM Radio Miley gave recently, she shared being really excited to be “one of the biggest artists on the musical scene today”. The young singer also stated she believes she is a role model and her behavior, outfits and everything she does is sending the message to millions of girls out there that they shouldn’t care what anyone thinks of them same way Miley doesn’t. The ex Hanna Montana also said her risky outfits and comportance are just what she uses to get more people to watch and see that she really has the talent to back it all up and can actually hold a note.


When it comes to music Miley might be talented but as for influencing young girls the soon-to-be 21 years old singer is not really sending the right message.


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