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The Internet is going crazy over the rumor that Miley Cyrus and her former fiancé Liam Hemsworth got married in December – in secret of their own parents!

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

In recent months reports claiming that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have rekindled their relationship have been surfacing the media on frequent basis and now new reports claim that these two are actually married!

An unnamed source has told Life & Style Magazine that 23 year old Miley and 26 year old Liam have taken their secretly on-going relationship to a whole new level in secret. The source claims that Miley visited her ex-fiancé in his native Australia back in December and that Liam planned an entire wedding for the two of them. The couple allegedly married in secret of their parents, which seems highly unlikely having in mind the fact that both of them are quite close with their families. Regardless, according to these reports, Liam didn’t want to go through another long engagement with Cyrus, so he secretly sealed the deal during her visit. The source also stated that both Miley and Liam have told only their closest friends about the marriage.


However, all of this seems highly unlikely. First of all, tons of reports stated that the 26 year old actor broke off his engagement with Miley thanks to her provocative and untamable behavior, which has landed her in the headlines times and times again. Secondly, getting married without their families being present at the secret wedding doesn’t sound like Miley and Liam, because they are quite close with their parents and siblings. And last, but not least, the unnamed source stated that they didn’t really exchange wedding bands, but some sort of made-up rings made out of palm fronts. So, in other words – they aren’t really married.


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