Did You Know That Miley Cyrus Bought A $162,000 Car For Her…


The singer, famous for her unpredictability, has proven that people can expect anything from her in terms of behavior or appearance. Lately, she shocked the world again by purchasing a $162,000 car for her five dogs : Mary Jane, Bean, Happy, Penny Lane and Floyd. As the fluffy creatures are not allowed in Miley’s new red Porsche Cayenne or white Maserati Quattroporte the 20-year-old singer has bought them their own vehicle where they can scratch, leave hair,have their blankets or jump around as much as they want. Miley even made a joke about her dogs inheriting the car if anything was to happen to her.



The ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer, who is also known to like to sleep with all of her five dogs, is planning on purchasing a whole fleet of Harley Davidson motorcycles despite her family’s disapproval. Whether the dogs will be getting a different set of wheels as well we are yet to find out but, knowing Miley, something scandalous is always to be expected.


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